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How to play.

To play NIM4, you must have a Nimiq Wallet (This can be created in under 30 seconds at http://www.nimiq.com).

To enter, logon with the secure sign-in and select Enter Round A (100nim).

This will request your approval to send 100 nim for your entry - once your transaction is confirmed, your entry will appear in Round A (Keep an eye out for your NIMICON).

One entry gives you the chance of winning a game in Round A and moving progressively into Round B, C and D. With each round increasing the prize pool.

  • Round A: 600 nim to the winning
  • Round B: 1800 nim for winning
  • Round C: 7200 nim for winning
  • Round D(final): 48000 nim for winning

When does a draw occur?

  • One entry (100nim) places you into Round A, a draw occurs once 10 unique entries have been received for Round A, a winner is then randomly selected to progress onto Round B.
  • Once 10 games of Round A have been completed, a Round B game is drawn and the winner will progress onto Round C.
  • Once 10 games of Round B have been completed, a Round C game is drawn and the winner will progress onto the final draw at Round D.
  • The final draw at Round D takes place once 10 games of Round C have occurred.

Can I have multiple entries to increase my chances of winning?

A game in Round A only accepts 1 entry per NIMICON, this is to give all entrants of Round A an even chance of moving onto Round B. Every entry places you into a new game of Round A and a draw takes place automatically once 10 unique entrants have been confirmed for that game. Round B, C and D have no limits and your NIMICON can appear multiple times in a single game, this increases your chances to move onto the next Round.

Why has a winner not been selected in game X?

NIM4 is currently processing the winner and will become available shortly, if a winner isn't shown in a timely manner please get in touch and we can investigate this further.